K-VEST golf training now available

Island Green Indoor Golf is proud to announce that we are now offering K-VEST golf training sessions.

In partnership with the Kelley Brooke Golf Academy, Island Green Indoor Golf located at 2727 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10307 is offering K-VEST Training sessions.

K-Vest tracks your body movement in three dimensional space.  An assessment is performed of the kinematics sequence to determine what exercises are necessary to improve the golf swing.

Using K-Vest, our instructors will perform an assessment of your golf swing to determine where you need the most help.   We will then prescribe a series of drills and/or exercises using K-VEST to correct posture, sequence, side bend, etc.

This technology will accelerate your learning of the golf swing.   K-Vest is used by beginners, college, mini-tour and PGA Tour players alike.   Book your time now at https://www.islandgreen-golf.com or call us at 718-605-1875 to consult with our professionals.

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